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Selected Articles with Links/Excerpts:


Waterhouse, E. (2022). Processing Choreography: Thinking with William Forsythe's Duo, Berlin: Transcript Verlag.




Waterhouse, E. (2020). “Processing Choreography: A Longitudinal Study of William Forsythe's Duo Project (1996-2018).” University of Bern, University of the Arts Bern.


Peer Reviewed Book Contributions:


Waterhouse, E. (2020). “As Duo: Thinking with Dance.” In B. Herzogenrath (Ed.), A Practical Aesthetics. London: Bloomsbury.


Waterhouse, E. (2019). “Choreographic Re-Mix: William Forsythe`s Trio (1996) & Beethoven`s String Quartet Nr. 15 in A-Minor Op. 132.” In T. Gartmann und D. Allenbach (Eds.), Rund um Beethoven. Interpretationsforschung heute, Musikforschung der Hochschule der Künste Bern, Bd. 14, Schliengen: Argus. - excerpt


Waterhouse, E. (2018). “In Sync: Entrainment in Dance.” In B. Bläsing, M. Puttke and T. Schack (Eds.), The Neurocognition of Dance: Mind, Movement and Motor Skills (pp. 55 - 75). London: Routledge. excerpt


Waterhouse, E. (2017). “Entrainment und das zeitgenössische Ballett von William Forsythe” (“Entrainment and the Contemporary Ballets of William Forsythe”). In G. Brandstetter, K. Eikels and A. Schuh (Eds.), DE/SYNCHRONISIEREN? Leben im Plural (pp. 197 - 219). Hannover: Wehrhahn Verlag. excerpt


Waterhouse, E. (2010). “Dancing Amidst The Forsythe Company: Space Enactment and Living Repertory.” In G. Brandstetter and B. Wiens (Eds.), Theater Ohne Fluchtpunkt (pp. 153–181). Berlin: Alexander Verlag. - excerpt


Peer Reviewed Journal Publications:


Waterhouse, E., Jenett, F., Hager, M. and Coniglio, M. (2021). “I Gave that Cue” Journal of Contemporary Arts and Digital Media, 17.1 - article


Waterhouse, E., Watts, R., and Bläsing, B. (2014). “Doing Duo – a case study of entrainment in William Forsythe’s choreography Duo.” Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 8:812. article


Durning, J. and Waterhouse, E. (2014). “Questions and Scores: Reflecting the Process of Teaching 'Out Score/In Score' Contemporary Choreographic Practices.” In Edith Boxberger and Gabriele Wittmann (Eds.), pARTnering documentation: approaching dance, heritage, culture . Munchen: Epodium. - link


Durning, J. and Waterhouse, E. (2014). “Out-Score/In-Score Workshop: Teaching Agency in Contemporary Choreographic Practices.” Contact Quarterly Journal, 39:1, 24–28. article


Durning, J. and Waterhouse, E. (2013). “77 choreographic proposals: Documentation of the evolving mobilization of the term choreography.” International Journal of Performance Arts & Digital Media, 9:1, 44–51.


Other Texts:


Waterhouse, E. (2011). “Tutu in a Test Tube.” In The Swedish Dance History (pp. 280–285). Stockholm: IMPEX. article


Waterhouse, E. (2010). “Over de Foto’s van David Bergé.“ W. Provo (Trans.). In De Ins & Outs Van Podiumland Een Veldanalyse (pp. 225). Brussels: Newgoff.


Waterhouse, E. (2007) "Technological Artifacts" - CORD Lecture  - talk manuscript 


Waterhouse, E. (2006) "Martin Munkacsi - Lindy Hoppers, 1936 Harlem" etcetera #104, Brussels, version here reformatted by H. Geisler article


With MaMaZA (2013) - "Interview on Making/Becoming Eifo Efi"- program text


With MaMaZa (2011) - "A Dialogue Between" - program text


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