Composing DUOS Workshop  - Between Music and Movement


Photo: Laban Space Harmony Symbols


Contemporary Dance Duos


William Forsythe

Counterpoint - "kinds of alignments in time"

-William Forsythe


Duo (1996-Present) Trailer

DUO2015 Video


Jonathan Burrows and Matteo Fargion

"The piece is performed sitting down, in silence. The choice to sit down was made in order that the two performers, one a composer and the other a choreographer, could be seen either as musicians or as dancers."

-Jonathan Burrows


Both Sitting Duet (2002) Video

Quiet Dance Video

Seven Duets Video Scores


Bebe Miller


“There is an aspect of improvisation that asks you to shuffle through the various layers of right now in order to respond directly to the situation. We as a company have invested many years in researching this relationship between memory and the dynamics of body/mind/place/time. Redux is one example of this.”
-Bebe Miller


Redux - Memory Contrast 


Contemporary Dance Not Duos


Deborah Hay

No Time To Fly - Videos Score


Marie Chouinard

Les variations Goldberg Body Remix 2007 Video





Metronomes Video


Photo: Laban Body Parts Symbols