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May 4, 2018 (9-18h, Unitobler F-121)

Modul 2: Archivrecherche

Analog & Digital Folds: Documenting Dance 

Elizabeth Waterhouse, with Brigitte Andeoud, Marilyne Bertoia Groff, Eva Borrmann, Rena Brandenberger, Loreana Galeano, Karin Iseli, Astrid Künzler-Büchter, Karin Mocke, Anna Tsichli Boissonas, Fabienne Zubler




Activity I - Brainstorming Documentation 

Activity II - Review of Analog Examples of Documentation, in reference to Burrows' text 

Activity III.1 - Ethnographic Approach to Documentation 


Activity III.2 - Ethnographic Approach to Documentation  - practical exercise 

Activity IV - Review of Digital Examples of Documentation 

Closing Round



Burrows, J. (2000). Time, motion, symbol, line. eyemagazine, Autumn 2000, link.

Massumi, B. (2002). “On the Superiority of the Analog.” In Parables for the Virtual: Movement, Affect, Sensation (pp. 133-143). Durham: Duke University Press. 

Phelan, P. (1993). Unmarked. The Politics of Performance. New York: Routledge.


Student Documentation 

Activity I - by  Loreana Galeano

Photographs - by Anna Tsichli Boissonnas



Websites and Research:
Improvisation Technologies Protoype
Improvisation Technologies
Syncronous Objects, for One Flat Thing Reproduced
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Everybody's Toolbox
Dance Tech
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Dance Notation Buro
Merce Cunningham Archive
Pina Bausch Archive
Meta-Academy Artist Summit


Researching Contact Improvisation
The Body As Archive


Jérôme Bel - "Pichet Klunchun and Myself" (2005) – trailer Youtube
Jérôme Bel - (2004) – "Véronique Doisneau" video Youtube

Who's Who

Jérôme Bel - French choreographer (b. 1964). Danced with Angelin Preljocaj among others. Works include "Véronique Doisneau" (2004) and "Pichet Klunchun and myself" (2005).

Jonathan Burrows - British choreographer. Danced with Royal Ballet. Often works in collaboration with Matteo Fargeon. Pubished "A Choreographer's Handbook" in 2010. Now a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Dance Research, Coventry University. 

Scott DeLahunta - American independent researcher. Responsible for many innovative projects in dance and technology (including Synchronous Objects, and Motion Bank). Currently Professor of Dance, Centre for Dance Research, Coventry University (UK) and Senior Research Fellow with Deakin Motion.Lab, Deakin University (AUS).

Fabrice Mazliah - Swiss choreographer (b. 1972). Danced with William Forsythe. Part of the artist collective HOOD. 

Deborah Hay - American choreographer (b. 1941). Part of Judson dance theater movement. Published dance scores and books, including "Lamb at the Altar: The Story of a Dance" in 1994.

Brian Massumi  - Canadian scholar (b. 1956). Philosopher. English translator of "A Thousand Plateaus" by Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari. Professor in the Department of Communication in the Univerity of Montreal.

William Forsythe - American choreographer (b. 1949). Danced with Stuttgart Ballet. Director of Ballett Frankfurt (1984-2004) and The Forsythe Company (2005-2015). Now a fellow at the Gloria Kauffman School of Dance. 

Peggy Phelan - American scholar (b. 1948). At Stanford University since 2003, as Professor of the Arts (Theater & Performance Studies) and English. Previosly chair of the Department of Performance Studies at New York University and the Drama Department at Stanford University.